NFL Culture Is Not Going To Change Anytime Soon

05/14/14 : 7:04

After all the controversy and public outcry about the bullying incident between Jonathan Martin and Richie Incognito, it seems like it has led to all talk and no walk. Yesterday night, after the Miami Dolphins drafted offensive lineman Ju’Wuan James, center Mike Pouncey to share his thoughts on twitter, “Great pick! I can’t wait for our gifts he’s going to get us lol”. It seems astounding that not only would he think this, but then share it to the public. Mike Pouncey, like every other NFL player, has demonstrated that there will not be any change in the status quo. Hazing is almost embedded into the nature of football. The average fan has no idea how truly bad it was until the Jonathan Martin case went mainstream. Stories of how Incognito used racist slander and derogatory terms towards Martin may seem surprising to non-football players, but it is not at all surprising to former NFL players like Mike Golic who believes that the only way to stand up to people is through violence, “You stand up to someone, that is what I am talking about, in some cases when you do that, when you get a punch in on the bully they say “I had enough of that.”’ In a sport that is so violent in nature, it seems inevitable for the physicality to spill into the locker room and on to off the field activities. Even though Golic’s remarks are quite dim witted and non-sensible, this seems to be the typical mindset of a football player. To stop hazing in the NFL would mean to stop football entirely. Because of how physical and violent football is, sometimes the players act like they are on the field even when they are not. What may seem fun in games to a Richie Incognito may be seen entirely different to a softer spoken Jonathan Martin. It seems quite ironic to for a Miami Dolphin lineman to then talk about what he will do to the future rookies even though the general manager vouched that this would never happen again in the Dolphins franchise. I guess we can all go back to square one and accept it; hazing will not leave the NFL locker rooms anytime soon.